Commercial Post-construction Cleaning Tips

What is the most energy-consuming commercial cleaning job? In my experience, it is the after-builders clean-ups – it usually involves not just the proper cleaning of the property but waste disposal, paint and stain removal, and intense dusting as well. 

Make no mistake – builders are arguably the messiest beings in the universe. I believe they feel some perverse satisfaction in leaving a construction site as dirty and chaotic as possible. I have had post-construction bookings for restaurants and large department stores after redecoration – they looked like a war zone or a post-apocalyptic Hollywood movie. 

So how do approach the task to save time and energy? 

  • Whatever you do, do not attempt post-construction cleaning alone! Even if the premises are relatively small, you will need a team of at least three people to do the job quickly and effectively.
  • Start with waste disposal first. There is no point in sweeping the floors or doing any dusting and polishing before you take the junk out. 
  • Bring the heavy artillery. After-builders cleaning involves a multitude of rough-and-rugged tasks that you do not want to do manually. Bring the heavy-duty cleaning machines with you to help you with paint removal or particularly persistent stains.
  • Leave metal polishing and window cleaning for last!